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Unforgettable trip into Vatnajökull Glacier

Discovery crystal Blue Ice Cave Tour - VATNAJÖKULL GLACIER

The Discovery Crystal Blue ice cave tour is for those who want to experience natures spectacular surroundings in a less crowded ice cave.This ice cave tour has much fewer tourists so  you will have more privacy and you will have more time to see, experience and photograph the amazing creatures of nature.The Extreme  Blue Ice  Cave Tour takes place in eastern part of Breiðamerkurjökull (vatnajokull) in a beautiful landscape and surrounding area. The tour is excellent for all nature lovers ,photographers , outdoor people who love to hike a little bit and for those who love extreme beautiful nature and outdoor activity.  -The difficult level in this tour is rather moderate but people need to dress  warmly,in a good hiking shoes in it because sometimes we hike the glacier to reach to the cave.

Vatnajökull is the biggest glacier in Europe and if you want something truly memorable then join us on this magical tour.

Our Crystal blue adventure ice cave tour is for ice cave lovers that wants to reach for something more extreme blue and is a combination of a glacier hike and an ice cave tour to our most blue and beautiful ice cave .

The tour takes approx 4-7 hours.including approx 30-80  min hike from the car to the cave and 30-80 min back in it, depends on which cave we use at a time and the hiking speed of the group. We hike on an enjoyable speed to ensure every body in the group feel good.This blue extreme ice cave tour is excellent for all nature lovers, photographers , outdoor people who love to hike a little bit and for those who love extreme nature . The difficult level in this tour is a bit higher than in the other ice cave tours that we offer and people need to dress warmly,in a good hiking shoes but it fits for all healthy people . This is a tour for nature lovers that want to reach for something more blue. Our aim is to provide high quality and personal guide service in each tour we take and we put our customers in seat number 1.All ice caves change from year to year both in size and colours and some photos that you see on web sites can be from the tours from the years before. We are looking forward to take you to this adventure and be your guide.

Tour Details

Our local guide will take you to there in a Super jeep. Driving takes about 30 minutes and then one hour walk to the Ice Caves.

Tour is about 4 hours depending on weather and location conditions

We provide Helmets, Crampons & Headlights

You need to bring hiking boots, headwear, gloves and clothing based on weather.

Difficulty level: Moderate


The weather in Iceland is very unpredictable and sometimes the Crystal Ice cave is closed due to heavy rain that causes a flood in the cave. We will contact you soon as possible if the cave is closed and offer you plan-B. In plan-B you will get a tour in our super jeep through the beautiful surroundings of Vatnajökull, the largest Glacier in Europe. Then we will take you on a Glacier hike and go as closed to the Ice cave entrence as possible.


 We depart from Glacier lagoon (Jökulsárlón / Ice Lagoon)

GPS: Latitude: 64.048399 Longitude: – 16.179443

Small Group Guarantee: 
Max 9 person per tour

Note: We are not the only company doing this Ice Cave tour and there will be other groups inside the ice cave at the same time



departs from Glacier lagoon (Jökulsárlón) and depends on weather.


We allow in our tours maximum of 9 peoples .


Hiking boots,clothing based on weather ,headwear and gloves.


(Jokulsarlon / Ice lagoon)
GPS: Latitude: 64.048399
Longitude: -16.179443